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01-Sep-2017 21:29

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Deep down she is ruthless and will kill without mercy if she sees fit, though when she does this you will normally find she can't remember any of the details of what happened during the fight.Lia prefers darker cloths like black or grey though she does wear white as well, preferring to avoid bright cloths and browns she a very simple and casual look going on.

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Lia can be quite stubborn and difficult if she deems the situation demands it and has no problem with voicing her own opinions. What's a good way to experience more of the in-game content?

This 0.25 second throttle is disabled if you use your own api key. Note, if you use the command line client, you can put your api key into a file called "./apikey.txt" that is located in the same directory as the simulationcraft command line executable.… continue reading »

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