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25-Jan-2018 20:18

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We'd like to say this stigmatization of virginity is just a myth spread by the media, but according to a new study in , people are also judgmental of virgins in real life.In the first part of the study, researchers asked 560 straight adults ages 18 to 71, about a quarter of whom were virgins, to rate their agreement with statements like "I feel that I am odd or abnormal because of my level of sexual experience" and "People treat me differently because of my level of sexual experience." They found that virgins—but not those who were very sexually experienced—perceived a great deal of stigma and exclusion around their sex lives.They so fear rejection for being virgins that they can’t bring themselves to approach women.

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However, in this case, virgins were more open than the rest of the population to dating other virgins."While virginity prior to marriage has been historically valued, changing sociosexual scripts in the United States have made premarital sexual activity the norm for young adults," the authors write.

It has affected my confidence and self esteem (from work, to relationships with friends and family) and basically shattered me in ways not many would understand.

The longer time passed (I am talking about my early 20’s), the more anti-social, afraid to just interact in the society I became.

You remember the blog post where I asked if there were many virgin men over the age of 30? I did not know you can and will “age out” of the dating market. If you don’t get laid by 21, you are moving in the wrong direction. Date early, find someone to be with in bed, or you will feel terribly lonely at the end of the trail.

Well, apparently there are more of them out there than I would have imagined. Here is my backstory-no I’m not gay, but I was always shy around women. I got colitis at 20, and I never owned a car until I was 33. The regrets of what I missed will haunt me forever.

At the time in life when most folks get laid and pair up, I had to fight a tough illness and had no money. I’ve handled many divorces as a paralegal, and I see what married people go through. I do feel thankful I didn’t contribute to fatherless America or the welfare rolls.

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