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13-Oct-2017 05:02

So if she dated Kirk, she was probably using him for his money.To her credit, Da Brat had longterm relationships with her women, including the young lady pictured above, who put money on her books when she was in prison for assault and battery.I doubt she’s still keeping that kind of dough in her bank account, but then I remembered… It’s good to be best friends with Mariah, a multi-platinum selling artist worth half a billion bucks.Word is that the R&B queen is planning to help Da Brat out with her lawsuit situation by paying off the ENTIRE sum, which isn’t really a big deal to her seeing that she makes that amount in a day.Detectives eventually found out that Mc Coy was killed over something so senseless…ILOSM family make some noise if you remember when “Harriette Winslow” was married to “Carl Winslow” on the 90’s sitcom, Family Matters?Frost, 48, and Rasheeda, 41, have two sons together.News broke recently that he sired a baby boy with a groupie.

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Either way, former alleged ex-girlfriend Mariah Carey will help Da Brat cover them forthcoming bills and the money she owes to Shayla because we all know that Brat ain’t stacking paper like that.

Although she’s been out of the public eye for six years now, Amanda is back with a new video for her song “Freak for the Weekend” and one thing it noticeably different: She’s an out lesbian.